About Brian R. Doak, PhD

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About Brian Doak

I am associate professor of Biblical Studies at George Fox University, where I teach courses on ancient language and literature, particularly from ancient Israel (the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament). My PhD is from Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, MA in Religious Studies from Missouri State University, and BA in Biblical Studies from Evangel University. I’ve been a pastor, worked on an archaeological excavation in Israel, toiled away for a summer in an aluminum foundry, lived in a village in Tanzania, wrote my doctoral dissertation as a stay-at-home dad to an infant, and tried and failed to summit Mt. Hood. I’ve been married to my wife Susan for nearly two decades, and we raise our daughters in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon.

I host my CV/résumé online, as a public GoogleDoc, so if you want to see an organized list of me bragging about my accomplishments, awards, and publications, click here. Many of my academic publications can be downloaded here, from my profile, and my teaching videos can be located here on my YouTube channel. I post my Pacific northwest hiking and climbing adventures on my Instagram page (@brian.r.doak). I co-host a podcast called “Weird Religion” with Leah Payne at If we have something in common we could be friends on Facebook. Feel free to contact me through my university email address listed here or through my CONTACT page.